Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ribbing is a problem for many people. Not the technique itself because it's just a series of knits and purls, but that first purl after a knit segment tends to be loose and if you're like me it drives you crazy. nonaKnits figured out how to make improved ribbing when knitting flat, but ribbing in the round still vexed me. Her method doesn't provide good results (IMO) when knitting in the round so I searched Ravelry and then internet in general and discovered that others had problems too, but no one had definitive answers. So I played around with knitting in the back of the first purl, wrapping the yarn clockwise instead of counter clockwise and finally settled on a method that IMO looks great.

Purl into the first purl stitch after knits like you always do EXCEPT wrap the yarn under or clockwise instead of over the top. This twists the purl stitch. On any other purls following do them normally. Continue this method as long as you're ribbing.

A warning: Because that first purl is twisted this method is not reversible because the knit on the opposite side looks funny. So use it for ribbing that will in the round with the RS facing out. So no flipped brims.. ;)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Finished projects! Wooo!

First up..the two Heartbreakingly Cute One Piece Baby Kimonos from Mason Dixon Knitting. My daughter wanted them to give as gifts to friends. She chose the colors from Caron Simply Soft in grape and watermelon and the ribbons. These were a lot of fun and very easy.

I also finished my first socks on two circular needles. I knew basically how to make socks, but I took a class Yarn Lady to make sure I got it right since it was a new technique. I have some more yarn for the next pair!
That's it for now!

Monday, October 22, 2007

If you watch the news you may have seen stories about the fires in southern California. There are 12 according to the news today. Last night as my daughter and I were coming home from Target we saw smoke that seemed relatively close and then we saw flames. When we got home we told DH and we took off to see what was going on. We stopped in a parking lot with at least a hundred, probably more, other people and got out of the car to watch the fire creep down a hill and spread off in the distance. It's quite a sight. And yes, we stayed well out of the way. The area we were in was fine and probably a couple miles away from the actual fire.

I woke this morning to a fine layer of ash and the strange and eerie sky that comes with fire and smoke, but we are in no danger here. The fire in Orange County (my neck of the woods) was arson I heard this morning, too. The winds have been blowing off and on here, but howling in the fire areas with gust of up to 90mpg. The humidity is in the single digits. Yikes!

So that is what is going on today here..other than some knitting.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here's the start of my socks for the sock class. No, they don't match. I thought I'd let the colors fall where they may and see what happens. ;) I've got both tops down in wait for Wednesdays class.

Friday, October 12, 2007

So you all don't think I'm not knitting... I did make something recently, but mums the word because it's a possible gift.

I also started my socks on two circular needles class at The Yarn Lady. I have made a few pairs of socks on DPNs (double pointed needles), but wanted to learn a new technique. It's possible when you know what you're doing to knit two socks at cool would that be!?

So I started the sock, but the fabric was too loose for my taste and it felt like it might be too small. I frogged it and started on smaller needles (size 1) and added a few rib repeats. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Finally added the ribbons to this little sweater and it's joined the others at Yarn Lady for the Stitches from the Heart baby sweater project. I was planning on use matching green ribbons, but couldn't find any so I went with the purple. I did a seed stitch border rather than garter and I think it finishes it better.

In other news, I'm making ME a sweater! Wooo! It's not regular pattern, more of a "sweater recipe" that I saw on Knitty Gritty one day. I had the yarn and couldn't find what I wanted pattern wise so decided to give this a try. My math skills tripped me up again figuring out the CO...but I guess it was really more my not paying attention skills that got me. Anyway, I've got about 4 inches done so... yeah!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bad blogger...bad, bad blogger.. :/ I've been making many, many charity items. I've made a few new baby sweaters and finished up some that work WsIP. They've been donated to Stitches from the Heart through my LYS, Yarn Lady. I've also made several burial buntings for a hospital that asked for them. And finally, finally.. I am going to attempt another sweater for ME! I got the yarn awhile back at the Yarn Lady bag sale and found a pattern that will work with it. The pattern is free from Knitty and is called Sitcom Chic.

Here's a few of the sweaters.

Easy Baby Cardigan
...from Knitting Pure and Simple. I did the collar and added buttons.

Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater
AND... I finally got invited to join Ravelry! Ravelry for those who don't know is the most awesome place for knitters (and crocheters although I can't speak for them). It makes it so easy to add your own projects and find others who have done them as well so you can see how it looks in different yarn or with modifications. As of this writing you still have to put your name on a waiting list, but they expect to open it up soon for all to join. The response has been overwhelming so it's taking a little longer to go public. If you're a knitter check it out!